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29 Mar 2018 10:23 AM, Tidings Shruti Shah

Thermal power projects struggle with cost escalation

Due to delay in project execution

Thermal power projects under various stages of construction across the country are facing cost escalation of more than 10 per cent due to delay in implementation. The original cost of these projects was estimated to be Rs.4.46 trillion, but due to time overrun, project costs have escalated to Rs.5.07 trillion. These projects together will add a generation capacity of 65,861.15 megawatt (MW). The time overrun for the projects ranges from four to 78 months. In the Central sector, most of the NTPC projects are grappling with a combined time overrun of 519 months. In the private sector, projects proposed by Lanco Power, India Power, KVK Nilachal Power, Ind-Barath Power Infra and others are impacted by cost overruns.

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