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CapEx Tracking the Creation of New Capacities
From Intentions through Implementation and Completion.
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01 Jan 2018 4:06 PM, Tidings Suparna Chattopadhyay

New investment announcements drops to Rs.768 bln in Dec 2017 qtr

Lowest since June 2004 qtr

According to CMIE’s CapEx database, 490 new investment proposals with investments worth Rs.768 billion were announced in December 2017 quarter. These were lowest recorded since June 2004 quarter. Announcement of new project proposals dropped sharply in fiscal 2017-18. In the first 3 quarters of current fiscal, 1,721 projects with investments worth Rs.4 trillion were announced as against 2,517 projects with investments worth 9.2 trillion announced in April-December 2016.

Completions of new capacities were also lower by 19 per cent on a y-o-y basis. 300 projects with investments worth Rs.769 billion were commissioned. However, the aggregates for completion of projects are expected to improve as information on commissioning of projects comes in with a lag. 51 projects with investments worth Rs.179 billion were stalled.

Project Investments (Rs.trillion)
Quarter ended New Completed Stalled
Dec 16 2.31 0.95 1.14
Mar 17 3.88 1.94 0.74
Jun 17 2.10 0.85 2.67
Sep 17 1.15 1.02 0.67
Dec 17 0.77 0.77 0.18